A Long Journey..

This is my first official blog post and I just want to give a detailed journey into how and why I started developing my game.

It started 5 whole years ago when I decided I wanted to learn how to create a game for my little tablet. After some research and a few weeks, I got setup in Android Studio using Java and LibGDX to create a game using openGL to render images onto the screen. This quickly evolved and a few years were spent creating game systems that were both optimal and easily expandable.

This last year I finally decided to start pushing towards a public release but I was lacking in many user-friendly aspects so I spent this last year alone optimizing the interface, balancing the game, and adding new art so I could release a working version to the public and get feedback and ideas for improvement. I did finally release it on Google Play Store and after a few months, not a single person has viewed it, which I find very odd. However, I will not let this deter me and I will continue working and improving on the game and hopefully one day a spot light will shine on it.

In conclusion, the journey has been long, fun, frustrating, and educational. I think it was well worth the time spent and will continue spending because it is a project of passion and joy for me. I love video games and creating one is just as fun as playing one! I will continue to update my blog with information about my continued journey and this will hopefully be the first of many posts.

Until next time!

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