About MaultCode

MaultCode is made up of one person, Aaron Mault.

I have over a decade and a half of programming experience, starting with Visual Basic and transitioning into .NET, C# and Java.

I have a Associates Degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Game Development. This degree was earned recently but taught me a few things when it comes to computers, games and technology!

In 2015, I started working on my first game, DeadTD. I wrote it using JAVA and used an open-source library called LibGDX for rendering and cross-platform compatibility. In total I spent around 5 years working on this game, programming, assets, and everything else. The experience has given me a deeper understanding of game development. (You can see my blog post about my experience here https://deadtd.com/a-long-journey/)

In short, I am a computer enthusiast. I can build them and program them. I enjoy playing games and creating them even more!

Contact Information

Have a question? Or some feedback? Feel free to email me!