Editor Preview

The editor has been under development for a bit of time now, mainly due to the scale of customization available. A lot of time has went into making nearly all aspects of a level customizable. This includes the simple layout of paths and objects such as trees and spawn points but it also includes customizing the towers, monsters, effects, etc. This means a player could create unique content for a level, such as special towers and monsters and allow others to play it.

Below is a video demonstrating how easy it is to setup a new level and play it.

Of course this only demonstrates the very basics of what the editor is capable of. Currently, features include the ability to resize the level, change the ground and path tile textures, manipulate game objects, edit the level difficulty values and the properties editor which allows you to customize the game objects.

Below is a picture of the properties editor dialog. Please note that this is not the final UI and changes are to be expected. Most of my time was spent on creating functionality and not much on the beauty of the interface.

The properties dialog allows the user to customize nearly all values of an object. The user can copy, create, and delete individual properties. They can also save, load, and merge the entire properties collection. This means if a user wants to reuse the properties of a certain level, they simply load it and save the map.

Yes the properties editor is complex and before I do a public release I will make sure to make videos on how to use it. Currently, I have made tooltips for nearly all the editable values which does a quick explanation of what the property does.

Anyways, I will continue working on the editor and hope to have a public release available soon, within the next month or two. This will also include the ability to upload customized maps and play uploaded custom maps!

Until next time..

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